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Subscription Boxes

A subscription box is a package that customers receive by mail on a recurring basis.


    If your business is a subscription boxes we can definitely save  you some money. Specially equipped Project area is created to work fast and efficient. We can make kits from your products, assemble them, add inserts or instructions, package it and make sure it get’s the customer on time.

Custom packaging

  We can work with your packaging if you already have it designed or we can help you design it from scratch. Choose the colors, size and form to highlight your products best features. We will print it for you in the cost effective manner and have it ready for your project.   

Special projects

If you have anything in mind but you not sure where to start, if you need help to understand how will it work or how much will it cost – just let us know. Our consultants are creative experts that can work with any of you crazy and unbelievable ideas.