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Using the latest equipment, technology, materials and personnel, GTH Fulfillment will pick and pack your products in shortest but the most efficient period of time.

Pick and pack

Pick & Pack – is one of the most important and crucial parts of the fulfillment. GTH fulfillment improved and atomized each step of picking and packing to make sure we are doing it fast and right every time to deliver package to the customer in shortest time and to do it in most cost-effective way for supplier.

Bulk Processing

  Except for regular picking and packing for B2C  items we are working with bulk shipments for B2B. We can ship your products not only to the end users but  to the retailer stores, distribution centers or any other businesses. It can be shipped by crate or pallet depending on your product using our best carriers and their incredibly low rates. It’s a great feature that allows you to process orders with huge quantities fast and accurate every time.

Special projects

If any unplanned or unexpected situations are happening, we are always here for you. Damaged products you need to repack? Done! Need additional labels or relabeling? Done! Want to do a promotional sale and need some kitting? Just let us know!